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Wedding website, digital stationery & planning tools

From tracking your invitations to collecting your RSVPs from guests, WEDSITES is here to help you plan the perfect wedding.

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Smart, beautiful wedding websites

No design or coding skills needed

Smart, beautiful wedding websites

Customisable design collections

Choose a design collection to keep your wedding branding consistent across all touch points with your guests. Each collection can be customized by you to reflect your style.

Easy for you and your guests

Avoid all those last-minute phone calls from guests asking how to get to your wedding. Include every bit of information you can’t possibly fit on your invitation.

Environmentally friendly invitations

Go digital and save on postage costs. Eliminate the need for guests to run to the post office. Guests can simply click a button to tell you if they’re attending or regretfully decline.

Planning for perfection

The complete toolkit for busy couples

Smart, beautiful wedding websites

Intuitive wedding planning checklist

Take your traditional checklist to the next level. Not only will you have the satisfaction of checking off tasks, we’ll send you reminders so you don’t forget any details.

Manage your guestlist like a pro

Categorize and group guests into lists based on their priority. Gather information about each guests as they start to RSVP, and start building a guestlist that you can rely on.

Your wedding command center

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, email threads, and last minute phone calls. Focus on knocking out your tasks and we’ll help you get through the planning journey.

Advanced invitation tracking

You’ll never have to wonder if your invitation has been received

Smart, beautiful wedding websites

Track your wedding invitations

Our trackable wedding invitations will let you know when your guests have received, opened, and RSVP’d to your wedding, so you can always be on top of things.

Instant digital invitations

Sending invitations to all four corners of the world? Our platform helps you send them instantly so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ve been received.

Automatic RSVP reminders

Waiting for those extra laid-back guests to get back to you? Avoid the awkwardness by automatically sending reminder to your guests to RSVP.

Design collections

Your wedding, branded for you

Keep your wedding branding cohesive across all touch points with your guests. Every collection comes with its own intuitive settings so you can quickly customize each section of your website and wedding correspondence.

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