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Frequently answered questions

How much does Wedsites cost?

Creating an account to use the basic planning tools is entirely free! But if you’d like to publish your wedding website and use the advanced features like the questionnaire form builder, paperless stationery and automatic RSVP reminders, you can sign up for a $12/month-to-month plan that you can cancel at any time.

Wedsites has a lot of features, can I pick and choose the tools I want to use?

Absolutely, while most of our tools sync and work best together, you can pick and choose the tools you want to use.

How can I get help if I have questions?

If you can’t the answer you’re looking for in our help desk, you can reach us anytime through our in-app chat where you’ll be able to speak to a real person.

Can I password protect my website?

Absolutely! We get that you might not want the world to see your wedding website, so you can add a password to protect your website from the public eye. Just remember to share that secret code with your guests so know how to access your site.

How can I share my wedding website?

Most couples share their wedding website on their save the dates and/or invitations, which is the perfect place for guests to find all the details about your event without having to cram it all on your card.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can add to my guest list?

It’s your party — invite as many people as you’d like!

How do online RSVP’s work?

Glad you asked! Depending on how strict you are with your guest list, our wedding websites can act as your own virtual concierge. If you want to restrict RSVP’s to only those on your guest list, we’ll make sure of it. If you want to know specific information from your guests, you can create your own RSVP questionnaire form and we will store all their answers inside your guest list database.

Can I create my own questions for RSVP’s?

Yes you sure can! We have a special questionnaire builder so you can create a totally customized RSVP form to ask your guests questions about their dietary preferences, the best piece of marriage advice they’ve heard, when they’ll be flying into the country, to what their favorite songs are!

When should I create my wedding website?

You can start creating your website as early as you’d like, but we recommend having it published by the time you send out your save the dates - around the 8-12 month mark for destination weddings and at least 6 months before for local affairs. You can always make updates to your website even after you hit publish, so even if you just have a wedding date, you can start working on your site and add more details as you figure them out.

Is it possible for one person to RSVP for everyone in their household?

Yes, absolutely. Any one guest in a given household can RSVP for everyone else.

How can I control who can RSVP on my website?

If you want that extra level of security, you can restrict RSVP’s to only those who are on your guest list.

Can I change my wedding website design once I’ve published it?

Yup! You can always make changes to your website after you’ve published it, including the design.