About WedSites

Our story

WedSites was started by two geeks who had a wedding to plan. Frustrated by the lack of intuitive tools and cheesy website builders, they knew there had to be a better way to experience wedding planning using modern technology to streamline the process.

Starting with a project management platform to give couples a collaborative space to keep track of their wedding tasks, WedSites has a website builder powered by all the event management tools you would ever need to plan a wedding — All in one tidy place.

From creating your guest list database with everyone’s dietary preferences to figuring out where they’ll sit at the reception, we will act as your digital wedding planner and even follow-up with late RSVPers so you don’t have to!

Who we are

WedSites is created by a team of designers, programmers, and wedding professionals. We believe weddings should be a reflection of who you two are as a couple, so whether you’re into tradition or want to chuck them all out the window — we’re totally down for that.

This is all about you, we’re here to support and guide you along your journey and help you plan the most epic day ever!

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A project management platform for weddings