Online RSVPs

The easiest way for guests to RSVP

Share a link to your wedding website on your invitations and ask your guests to RSVP online. You’ll easily be able to keep track of who’s coming, their preferences, and who you’re waiting to hear back from. We can even follow-up with guests on your behalf!

Save yourself the time and extra postage costs of sending mail-in cards. Guests can RSVP with a click of a button, how easy is that?

Online RSVPs

Your own guest list database

Keep track of all your guests in one place

All guests

Get an instant head count and quickly edit guest details.


Inviting couples and families? Keep guests under a single household so they can all RSVP together.


Create family and social groups to easily filter through your guests.

Digital wedding planner
Smart search

Search first names, last names, and email addresses.


Collect and display dietary requirements for each guest.

A/B lists

Create priority lists to figure out who you can realistically invite.

Make smarter decisions

Communication is key. Create custom questions, collect RSVPs, and keep track of everyone’s answers in one place. Draw insights from their answers to make better decisions on your catering choices, room blocks numbers, music selection, transportation options, and more.

Wedding guest management

Make it easy for you and your guests

Your guest list manager seamlessly integrates with your wedding website to ensure your guests can get all the latest details on your upcoming nuptials, find registry information, and easily RSVP.

You’ll get a quick overview of your guest head count, dietary preferences, any overdue RSVPs, and much more from your dashboard.

Guest details & RSVPs

Guest list features

Create your own guest list database

RSVP form builder with custom questions

RSVP statuses

Quickly check the invitation statuses to see who is attending, regretfully declined, who you’re waiting to hear back from and might need to follow up with.

Priority lists

Group guests into priority lists to make sure you can invite everyone you want there. A-lists are for high priority guests and B-lists are for guests you’d love to invite but aren’t sure if your venue or budget will allow for it.

Households and +1’s

Put families, couples, and singles with +1s together under a single household address to keep your guest list nice and tidy when sending and tracking your invitations, gifts, and thank you cards.


Use the groups feature to keep friends, colleagues, and families together. Get quick insights into who’s attending from each group and where to seat them.

RSVP questions

Everyone asks “Will you attend?” - Go a step further and create your own RSVP questions! This is your chance to get some answers from guests.


Send paperless invitations and save-the-dates to match your website. Track who’s received and opened them for your peace of mind, and keep guests updated with any last minute changes.

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