Studio B. Couture and Wyldly Eloped

Brisbane, Australia

Studio B. Couture is a Brisbane based custom stationery designer specialising in paper cut, typography and watercolour stationery. Our personalised creative process is truly the heart of our business and what sets us apart. Our work is available Australia wide and Internationally via consultation.

Our work involves so much more than just fonts, colours and paper selection. We take pride and special care to infuse your love story into every aspect of your stationery design. We draw inspiration from your love for each other, the things that are important to you, and your story to create a stationery suite that will have your guests filled with joy, excitement and anticipation.

Art to us is a language, one that can tell your story and invoke feelings from the viewer, giving life to memories and creating lasting impressions in our hearts. To achieve this, we spend hours and sometimes days investigating traditions or sifting through thousands of photos, so we accurately capture the essence of a favourite flower, cherished pet or dream car.

We pride ourselves in creating custom one-off pieces that are only made possible by our clients. Our work becomes our interpretation and reflection of your love story as told to us, exquisitely crafted into a stunning suite. We strive to capture your story in the most creative way possible, we are passionate about art making and extremely committed to our craft.

Studio B. Couture and Wyldly Eloped

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