Once and For All

Melbourne, Australia

We’re not only a team but a married couple. We know how important (and romantic, and stressful, and wonderful) this day is, and we make it a priority to capture every beaming smile, nervous laugh and lingering gaze while also staying out of your way. Let’s face it: we’re there to make your day more memorable, not add to your stress! Besides, blending into the background allows us to hone our focus and pick up on the details that would otherwise go unnoticed. These are the candid shots that end up really fleshing out the story of your wedding day – the moments you may not have even noticed on the day, but will end up treasuring for a lifetime.

Our ultimate goal is to sculpt a timeless art piece out of your wedding day. Something that is uniquely and undeniably you. Something that takes you back to the day it all began, time and time again. That image, of a couple sitting down together (maybe with their kids or even their grandkids) years in the future to watch the wedding video we put together for them is what motivates us.

We are based in Melbourne but we love travelling – especially when we have the opportunity to get involved with weddings that are a little bit adventurous or unconventional!

If you want visuals that are more than just pictures; if you know you have a beautiful story just waiting to be brought to life; if you want a wedding photographer and videographer who will see what makes you different – then you’ve found the team you’re looking for!

Once and For All

What we do

  • Photography
    Wedding photography
  • Videography
    Wedding videography


  • What is booking process?
    After a conversation on the phone, in-person meeting or via Skype/FaceTime to see if we are good fit for each other, a contract will be drafted for your wedding. We’ll send it via email, have you look it over, sign it online and pay your retainer within two weeks. We ask for a 30% retainer on the signing of the contract and the rest of the final payment in a week after the wedding.
  • We’ve sent the signed agreement and paid the retainer fee, what is next?
    The next step is to plan out how we will shoot your wedding. We send a questionnaire long before your wedding to make sure we have all of the information we need. Depending on when you finalise the details of your wedding, you can send it back and then that should be good. We make sure that we get all the info we need so that we’re ready to start filming and photographing the moment we get to your wedding. We also understand that things get a little crazy the week before the big day so that is why we send out the questionnaire way before.
  • When do we get our wedding film or photos?
    The delivery of your WEDDING PACKAGE is guaranteed on the 20-week anniversary of your wedding day.
  • Can we choose our own music for Feature Film?
    It is illegal to use copyrighted music without proper licensing in your Feature Film. The other option is to buy and license a song from websites like TheMusicBed.com. If you find any selections on the sites that you especially like, let us know and we’ll do our best to fit the music into your films.
  • Do you travel for events? If so, is there a travel fee?
    Yes. For an accurate travel fee quote please contact us with your event details. We love to travel for any and all specific events! Travel costs are as follows: – We charge $100 for events further than 60km away from Macleod VIC 3085 where we are located. – Events that are 3-5 hrs away (via car) – require a one-night hotel stay. – Events that are 6+ hrs away (via car) – require airfare, a one-night hotel stay.
  • Do you shoot our rehearsal event/dinner?
    While rehearsal coverage is not included in our Collections, we can most certainly arrange to do that. We can decide the additional fees after discussing your individual plans.