Melbourne, Australia

misscarter conjure unique, unexpected celebratory atmospheres that woo guests, delight the senses and create unforgettable memories. Being consummate romantics, weddings make our hearts sing and we believe in doing them differently.

misscarter know the value in creating a stirring atmosphere that's about more than pretty colours, bountiful florals and the latest Pinterest trend. We believe a considered strum on the heartstrings (rock ballad style) gets you everywhere with your guests. It's simple - thoughtful and imaginative styling makes guests feel cherished. And that's when the real magic happens - memories are cultivated and most importantly, love is declared. We love it when that happens!

Founded by Sarah Carter, a rare hybrid of creative talent and business acumen, she is one of a handful of earth-bound beings that can use the left and right side of her brain simultaneously. Creative director for over 20 years in the fashion and lifestyle industries, she’s a specialist in developing meaningful creative, delivered with organisational precision and a side of contagious excitement.

Our background is in both styling and design. This means we approach your wedding with the big picture in mind - everything from the theme, identity (think logo!), stationery to styling and planning. Tick it all off your list!

Is that the sound of a cork popping?


What we do

  • Flowers & styling
    Flowers & styling
  • Wedding planning
    Wedding Planning
  • Stationery
  • Specialty services
    Creative Concept