Little Peach Co.

Brisbane, Australia

Little Peach Co. is a letterpress, foil printing and design studio based in Underwood, Brisbane. We specialise in hand-made celebration stationery, branding, business cards and letterpress designs.

We instil our love of design and an enthusiasm for creating beautifully handcrafted goods into everything we do. Call us old-fashioned, but we cherish our eight in-house Heidelberg Platens. We handcraft all of our letterpress and foil designs, and we’d love to create something beautiful on our printing presses for your special occasion.

Little Peach Co.

What we do

  • Stationery
    As one of Brisbane’s premier letterpress printing studios, we pride ourselves on the quality niche services we offer to our steadily growing range of clients. We’re passionate about keeping this unique tradition alive, and sharing our expertise and knowledge with fellow devotees. Letterpress printing is an antique printing method invented in the 1500s by Johannes Gutenberg - the guy who more or less introduced printing to Europe. It uses a photopolymer or lead plate with a raised surface, which is inked and then pressed into a sheet of thick, textured paper or card. We print all of our products in-house with our beloved vintage 1965 Heidelberg Platen letterpress. We’re so attached to it that we couldn’t help but give her a name. We chose “Bertha”. Raise your eyebrows if you want, but we think you’ll understand once you see her in action; check out the Our Love for Letterpress video, where our founder Dave shows her off completely. Feel free to check out our blog, where we’ll post regularly about the latest in letterpress printing. And as always, contact us if you’re interested in learning more about letterpress and how it can benefit your business or next big event in Brisbane.



  • Do you do designs for occasions other than weddings?
    Absolutely. Little Peach Co. welcomes anyone in need of a little stationery love. Baby showers, bridal showers, baby announcements, birthday parties, swing tags - you name it, we can do it. In fact, have you seen our first line of greeting cards?
  • Do you do custom designs?
    Yes, it’s our specialty! We love meeting one-on-one with clients and discussing your preferred aesthetic. Feel free to take a look at our online galleries or Pinterest boards for some inspiration.
  • Do you do business cards?
    Yes – we’re actually seeing huge demand for beautiful hand-crafted business cards.
  • I need help wording my invitation. Can you help?
    Definitely! We can help you put together something traditional and formal, fun and quirky or anywhere in between - whatever suits your purposes. I’ve already perfected my design. Can you just print it? Yes – we love helping designers create the beautiful letterpress prints they’ve envisioned. Pop on over to the For Designers page to learn more about format requirements and guidelines.
  • What is letterpress?
    We’re obsessed with letterpress printing, and we love keeping the tradition alive. To start with, check out Little Peach Co.’s Our Love for Letterpress video (Above). As you’ll see, it’s a traditional printing method where photopolymer plates are inked and then pressed into a sheet of thick fluffy paper, in order to create a unique three-dimensional impression.