Sydney, Australia

OMG you’re getting married, we’re so excited for you! Why? We haven’t even met you (yet)! Well, we’re like the fairy godmothers of weddings.

Firstly, we love love.....yadayada.... you’ve probably heard that a gazillion times already BUT with us it’s 127% more true.

Plus, we’re super talented at helping you taste cake, sending you to the best gowns, inspecting venues, planning weddings, coordinating on the day and even holding a microphone and talking into it. We do the lot - seriously. The lot. Which is great for you because it means you can have an incredible wedding day and not be stressed out or time-poor in the lead up to your big day. On top of all that, you’ll make a brand new professional bestie for life *tilts hat*. Reach out, we’d love to say Hi!


What we do

  • Wedding planning
    Wedding planning, event planning, On-the-day coordination
  • Specialty services
    Professional MC (Master of Ceremonies)