George & Smee

Sydney, Australia

George & Smee are a Sydney-based team of stylists, designers and florists. Widely known for their unforgettable events, this cohort of creatives is driven by the personal, the unconventional and the thoughtful.

They make memorable spaces, create emotive flower art and curate artisan products with the conviction that the best events are the ones that ask people to pause, and to share in the wonder of beautiful design.

George & Smee’s diverse team, combining previous experience from furniture restoration to event production allows them to provide multiple services and offer a uniquely personalized service to each of their clients.

Their aesthetic is client-led and nature-inspired, creating weddings that are an outward expression of the couple while respecting the natural environment that surrounds them. They go to great lengths to ensure every celebration is highly unique, perfectly detailed, and above all, beautiful.

George & Smee

What we do

  • Flowers & styling
    We offer floristry, styling, planning, lighting and bespoke building services. Put simply, we do everything, transforming spaces into statement-making moments, from the concept to the final details of the table.
  • Wedding planning
    Wedding planning, Event planning