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Your digital wedding planner

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, email threads, and last minute phone calls. Focus on knocking out your tasks and we’ll help you get through the planning journey.

Digital wedding planner

Personalized wedding checklist

Stay on top of your tasks leading up to the big day


Log in any time to access your wedding planning dashboard.

What’s next?

Take action on the next task to keep things moving along.

To do list

On a roll? Quickly check the next five tasks on your list.

Digital wedding planner
Completed tasks

See how many tasks you’ve already completed.

Urgent tasks

A gentle nudge so you can catch up on missed tasks.

Upcoming tasks

Check how many more tasks are on your list.

A smarter to-do list

Our task management software can be as simple or detailed as you like. Use the pre-populated tasks and add your own.

Customize your list and collaborate by delegating tasks to your planner and friends. Get some peace of mind knowing no small detail has been overlooked.

Wedding to-do list

We’ll keep you on track

Everyone knows planning a wedding is a lot of work. We’re here to lend you an extra helping hand to keep you organized with your planning so you can pull off your dream wedding.

We’ll even send you progress reports to show you how much you’ve accomplished and what you need to take care of next!

Intuitive wedding checklist

Workflow management

Features to help you be a better planner


Preloaded with the most common wedding planning tasks for modern couples.


Deadlines are automatically assigned based on the amount of time you have to plan your wedding.


Receive updates from your digital planner so you don’t miss any deadlines or payments - just like a real planner would do.


Don’t do it all alone. Get your planner or bridal party involved with your planning and assign specific tasks to them.


Your dashboard will quickly indicate how much progress you’ve been making with your wedding planning. Get email reports to help you along the way.

Calendar view

Need a bird’s eye view? Quickly switch between list and calendar views to see what tasks you need to knock out in the months leading up to your wedding.

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