Get your personal wedding budget breakdown

Get the industry’s smartest wedding budget calculator to create a realistic wedding budget. Track your expenses without breaking the bank. And get step-by-step guidance along the way.

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Budget calculator + tracker

Smarter wedding budget management

Get smarter insights into how to create a realistic wedding budget from people who’ve done it all before. Cut out the guesswork and create a realistic wedding budget. Track expenses and allocate your money accordingly. Never break the bank - You’ll thank us when you’re married.

WedSites budget calculator

Whip up a realistic wedding budget

Punch in your figure. We’ll give you a detailed estimated wedding budget breakdown based on industry averages. Organized into different categories.

Make it work for you

Select your currency. Add, remove, and adjust categories items. Prioritize what’s important to you.

Track your spending

Get an overview of your budget. Track your expenses. Upload and set payment reminders for upcoming invoices.

Adjust accordingly

Go over budget? Use the budget manager to move funds from one pot to another and stay on track.

Export, import, or print

Export your numbers into a spreadsheet, or import them for a quick start. Get printer-friendly budget reports to breakdown expenses.

Get expert tips & guidance

Your budget calculator works together with all your other smart planning tools so you’ll know when and how to choose, book, and work with suppliers.

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Keep better track of your wedding budget

Weddings are expensive. Get the industry’s smartest wedding budget manager to create a realistic wedding budget and track your expenses without breaking the bank.

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More than your average spreadsheet

  • ✓ Budget calculator to help you create a plan that works for you.
  • ✓ Visual tools to help you make adjustments
  • ✓ Upload and keep track of your vendor invoices
  • ✓ Get reminders for upcoming payments
  • ✓ Expert insights and practical wedding planning advice
  • ✓ Works together with your other planning tools to keep you organized
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Everything about your wedding in one tidy place

It’s time to get organized so you stay on track with all your wedding tasks, expenses, guest needs and RSVPs without losing your mind.
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