Ben & Ebony

Perth, Australia

We are a husband and wife stills and motion team.We have a 40kg German Shepard Cross (don't ask us with what me don't know as we adopted her) she is the biggest clumsiest wuss with the best smile. We like to think we are pretty ordinary people who go through the ups and downs like everyone else. We try to be honest, vulnerable, live whole and full lives and love with our whole being.

We are both fairly introverted, (Ben being an introverted introvert, Ebony a little more on the Extroverted side of introvert) we love hanging out with our couples and celebrating their wedding with all of their friends and family, but we are very grateful for a little down time to refresh after a wedding day.

We love shooting weddings, the emotions, excitement, relationships, memories and love give us such a high. We are so grateful to all the amazing couples that have trusted us to capture their weddings and enabled us to keep doing the work that we love.

We think the art behind capturing something through photo or film is so important, but we keep finding ourselves coming back to the relationships and the story. That's what catches on our heart strings, that's why we love our job. Building relationships, telling someone's story, and sharing the way we see your love is the greatest privilege.

Ben & Ebony

What we do

  • Photography
    Wedding photographer, engagement photographer